20, April 2017

What To Use To Draw The PCB Fabrication Artwork

Printed circuit boardsPCB fabrication involves the use of a print device to be able to develop good quality artwork. Print devices that can be used are the following:

1. Manual Pen

It may not be the best option out there, but a manual pen can certainly be used to create low definition printed circuit boards or to do minor retouch on the artwork, such as closing pinholes. The pen to be used here should be a black permanent marker.

2. Dry Transfers

PCB fabrication may take time when dry transfers are used. Yet, this pricey technique enables the user to manually draw with an above average accuracy or to retouch the artwork a little.

3. Pen plotters

Really slow and tricky, pen plotters requires the use of pricey polyester drafting film. Never use a tracing paper for this since ink can just flow along the fibers. Special inks and ink pens with carved tips to obtain satisfactory outcomes. This print device needs regular cleaning as it clogs pretty quickly.

4. Inkjet printers

Because of its fairly cheap price, a lot of people just try to use it. However, ink jet printers may not yield a quality that is at par with laser printers. The major issue would be how to achieve black that is adequately unintelligible. Others use this print onto paper, which they will then photocopy onto a tracing paper using a high class copier.

5. Laser printers

Very reasonably priced, speedy and high quality, laser printers are easily the most all around print device option. It should have a minimum of 600 dpi resolution for all except for the most basic PCBs, since it entails doing work in multiples of 0.025 inch or 40 tracks per inch.

It is crucial that the printer generates an excellent solid black without the use of toner pinholes. For those who are thinking of purchasing a printer for PCB fabrication, perform some test prints first on tracing paper to determine its quality. Set the density control to ‘blackest’. Even the top laser printers do not typically cover huge areas well, but this is not often an issue provided that fine tracks are solid.

PCBWhen working with drafting film or tracing paper, always employ a manual paper feed. Make sure the paper output path is set straight to maintain the flatness of the artwork and avoid jamming. For small printed circuit boards, keep in mind that it is very possible to save paper just by cutting the sheet in half.

Some of these print devices have bad dimensional precision, which might lead to further problems for huge PCBs. Yet, as long as the error is only linear, it could be helped by scaling the printout. Print accuracy will probably be an obvious concern when it leads to misalignment of the double-sided PCBs’ sides. This could generally be averted by watchfully arranging the plots to make sure the error is identical on the two layers.

6. Typesetters

To achieve the finest quality of the artwork, create a postscript file. Then, take it to a typesetting service that will then produce a film of it. This will most likely posses no less than 2400 dpi resolution, perfectly sharp and opaque black. The charge is normally on a per page basis, irrespective of area used. Hence, if numerous PCB copies can fit on one page, it will definitely cut costs.

This can also be a great way to accomplish an occasional huge PCB that does not fit the laser printer. Typeset artworks are up to scratch for PCB fabrication, but a lot of PCB houses these days only go for gerber data, since it is simpler to post-process.

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4, February 2017

What We Love With Challengecoins4less Coin Giveaways

We have seen every possible giveaway. From that corporate event, up to that recent family reunion, down to our best friend’s wedding.

Mostly, since souvenir is the least concern of some event organizers, not much of thought was given to it. This is the reason why some opt to give away easily available stuff like wine, mugs, key chains, or worst picture frames.


However in one event, we chance upon a custom-made coin which is made by ChallengeCoins4Less. These coins are just so stylish that we just can’t get enough of it.

We believe that this custom-made coins could start a new trend may it be in corporate events, down to family reunions.

So here are some of the things we love with ChallengeCoins4Less’ custom-made coins which you can try on your next event, and fall in love with it just like we did.

It’s Handy

We love just how handy ChallengeCoins4Less’ custom coins. Especially since that day we’ve seen it, there are several meetings we had to attend and this coin is so handy we just drop it in our bags and go on with the day.

This is advisable especially for those events attended by executives who rarely bring bags on their daily meetings. Giving them this coin is just so handy for them. They can simply place it in their pockets with the organizers not having to worry that they’ll leave it behind.

It’s a Unique Idea

Like we’ve said, many have grown tired of that traditional giveaway which was not given much thought. Those often end up being left behind or worst thrown away.


So upon seeing these coins make us think that it is just a perfect and unique idea for souvenirs from your events. Since it’s customized, you can give it a personal touch which your guests will always remember upon seeing the coin. Who knows, your company may be starting a trend because of these unique souvenir.

It’s Timeless

It’s a coin, and a coin can live for decades and decades. These coins could just be perfect as a collection of every milestone of your company from the years of its operation. You can place every new logo of your company on this coin, which you can later frame or even exhibit in the coming years.

So if you want to leave a lasting impression of your company or event that will transcend from generations to generations, then these coins are perfect souvenirs.


We believe these coins are just perfect for those milestones that you want to remember forever. It may be the change of logo that you company has undergone twenty years after you have started, or meeting your batch mates after thirty years of graduating from college. This can even be a coin that you want to pass on to the next generation of your family, which could serve as a family heirloom.

We simply think this kind of souvenir is perfect to leave a mark of an event or a milestone which could last a lifetime.

So are you ready to give ChallengeCoin4Less a chance? Here are some details that made us love it more.

The design creation for you coin is free of charge. So if you’re still undecided with the design of your coin or have an idea but need some help in enhancing it, they have creative people to help you out.

ChallengeCoinsThey also don’t limit your imagination to that typical circular coin. If you want it bigger, smaller, or in a different style, it’s possible. Just let them know what changes you want to make and they’ll let you know how to make it possible.

The metals to be used in your coin could also be personalized. They have five metals to choose from: silver, black, nickel, copper and gold.So what’s not to love with these custom-made coins? It’s handy, unique, timeless and commemorative, just like that milestone you have achieved.


13, November 2016

Why Clothing Patches Are Essential In Counterculture?

Before, embroidered patches are not really fashionable. But as the years go by, it became a popular activity for hobbyists and commercial patch workers. People discovered ways to make it more appealing when applied on garments. Whether for practical or decorative use, you can benefit from these items especially when mending torn clothes at home. And with the use of internet today, you can order patch designs online and get them in a timely fashion.

In 1960, a counterculture of adolescents was crowding the streets in order to show their opposition against the Vietnam War. They were declaiming a beat poetry while organizing an intellectual rebellion to tackle and pull up century-old systems of the traditional America. But during mid-1960, another counterculture was formed with peace signs, headbands, flowers, and patches. Hippies were opposing the protests. They were basically embracing empathy, love, and nature while ditching traditional beliefs of western middle-class so that their idealist communities will be formed.

Influence of Patch to Fashion in the Early Days

The hippies were concentrated less on mainstream, but more focused on the current. The movement influenced global trends and unintentionally impacted on fashion statements. People ditched politely-tasteful attire and tailored suits. Instead, they defined their posture with flowy long dresses, natural hair, and shabby jeans. The 70s attire led to a renaissance on runways although the appearance tend to embrace shabby look than chic style.


Hence, the hippies pulled on military surplus garments and secondhand frocks. People also began to repair and embellish their looks through clothing patches. Embroidered or printed, satirical or cheeky, radical patch designs looked really cool while showing off icons or logos of the youthful movement. Though patch items have new looks, they still fulfilled similar roles in the counterculture fashion. Ultimately, it became a representation of identity, solidarity, and even personality.

Current Trends in Using Patch Design on Garments

And so today, patches are usually attached to uniforms and other garments to show identities. You can put it on your leather jacket, denim vest, jeans, or even caps for more appealing look. In fact, you will see patched clothes even during fashion shows. Many designers today are embracing the popularity of patch on garments to achieve specific styles. And if you’re one of those stylish icons, you can take advantage of patch items offered in the market today.

Bags, pants, tropical jackets, and vintage inspired garments benefit from the fashionable features of patchwork. If you currently in need of embellishments for your stitching needs, this is the perfect solution. It helps to strengthen fabric while prolonging the lifecycle of clothes. With the various styles of patching up clothes, you can get the exact design you want after the job is done.



Why Apply Matching Patch Style on Your Favorite Outfits

Sometimes, patching knitted garments can be hard if you don’t know how to do it. But with the basics of stitching and sewing, rest assured that it is easier than you think. You can take advantage of embroidery floss in order to produce quick stitches around the patched areas. Always be careful when putting the patch on the clothes before permanently stitching them. Remember, once you’ve attached the patch onto the fabric, it’s difficult to remove again. Make sure to follow the guidelines to avoid mislaid patch.

So if it’s heartbreaking for you to get rid of your favorite jeans that are now torn, you can simply mend them using patch designs that match the fabric. There are lots of online patch manufacturers that you can rely on when performing patchwork at home. All you need to do is shop around and find the best site that can give you quality patch items. But don’t forget to consider the tips and insights provided above. So what are you waiting for? Gather your damaged clothes and pick the right patch for them. It will surely be an enjoyable activity for you especially if it’s your hobby.

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9, September 2016

From a Motivational Speaker – Always Give People Reasons to Buy Things

Our world revolves because of trading – buying and selling

It is process that even our ancestors used to survive the society and live harmoniously with everyone else. Now, things have evolved and so does the competition to be great in the field of selling goods and services. Rivalries among sellers and traders have become more rampant due to the increasing demand for control and power in order to survive our society. But what do you need to be more competitive in the field? Here, we will site some tips and also some insights from a well-known expert in doing objective-based motivational speeches, Garrison Wynn.

What does it take to be a good salesman?

Basically, it is easy to look at the “topcoat” view of things to tell if a salesman is actually good – he sells a lot consistently. Again, that is what we only see with our plain eyes but the critical part is “How does he do it?”


It is very rare for a successful businessman or salesman to elaborate much on the things that made him successful because they either see you as a potential competition someday or they just see too much vagueness on the process and all they value is the money that enters their bank accounts.

From one of motivational speaker Garrison Wynn’s session topics, we will try to outline and analyze things that can build a great salesman. The first question to ask is “What do successful sales people do differently?”. These ideas direct more into the actual field planning and execution of selling principles.

The first thing to look at is how to build up sales in a slow-moving market. Just like how a motivational speaker influences or motivates you to do more productive things, a good salesman also needs to influence the market in order to sell his products.

If we are given the task to sell something on a sluggish market, it is not our job to complain how poor the business is on that area but to build a better marketplace and generate higher sales volume. In order to do that, we must influence the people around on how to properly sell or distribute your products.

Next thing that we need to understand is the nature of buyers when it comes to selecting a product to buy. There is always a very high chance that a buyer will purchase something that they are most comfortable to them with rather than what is really the “best”. These situations are the best to be taken advantage of when it comes to selling products because buyers are now showing their weaknesses. Simply saying, promote the product’s qualities that would boost up their comfort.

Now, let us set aside all the flowery sales talking and move into a more serious approach. Successful sales professionals, most of the time, sell the “concept” instead of the product itself. If a product is known to effectively do a specific thing, sell what it can do rather than promoting the product itself then tell what is can do. Those are two different approaches where one is emphasizing on the benefits while the other is just selling what they can see.

Again, like a great motivational speaker, like Garrison Wynn, we must build connections with our customers in order to get their buy-in. Similar to a motivational speaker, we must create an environment with trust and confidence in one another. As a salesman, you must ensure that everything you say is credible and useful to the client. You must also make sure that you are dependable if certain situations arise. This way, customers will gain trust in you and eventually turn into loyalty.

Lastly, you must know what you are saying. People listen to people who are knowledgeable and credible. If you know our product well, every buyer you run into will most likely believe in what you say and buy your product.

At www.motivational-speaker-success.com, we will try to outline and analyze things that can build a great salesman. The first thing to look at is how to build up sales in a slow-moving market. Just like how a motivational speaker influences or motivates you to do more productive things, a good salesman also needs to influence the market in order to sell his products.

8, September 2016

A Primer on Golf Accessories

With the birth of the sport most people associate with patience, strategy, perseverance, and creativity, a number of golf accessories have been the lookout of major golf players from around the world to enhance their game play performance on the fairway and to keep that sensation when their feet aren’t on the blue grass, or on the “green”. Rain or shine, golfing accessories help golfers achieve maximum performance to get that hole-in-one.

Of course, golf accessories should be treated as peripherals, but they are tools best treated as an investment by any self-respecting golf player. The best players get the best accessories when they want to feel and play at their prime.

Reliable golfing accessories are indispensable since they aid the player around different terrain challenges and weather inconsistencies – like better golf shoes have durable spikes to stabilize your feet when shifting your weight for that optimum swing, better gloves that help you grip your irons and woods so it doesn’t come off flying in the air when you follow-through, better sun visors to give your eyes shade, anti-glare sunglasses to help you see better while protecting your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays, and other accessories.

So aside from the traditional ball and club equipment, what are the other golf accessories available for the aspiring Tiger Woods, or for the promising junior golfer, to purchase to get that first-swing feel at his best? Here are two of the most recommended equipment for beginner golfers:


Golf Gloves

Whether you’re gripping your trusty irons or your woods, you can never go wrong with quality golf gloves. Golfing gloves are specially tailored to properly grasp golf grips so it does not slip off the player’s hands while swinging or doing a follow-through. They have special paddings locates at the palms, the fingertips, and is built from special material so your hands are cool and properly aerated while doing much of the hard work- especially under hot weather conditions.

Golf gloves work by increasing the friction in your grip so it does not slip, and when your hand sweats a lot, it helps your hand secure your hold on the golf grip. Unlike most gloves, golf gloves do not come in pairs, you buy a glove and put it on your lead hand, that is, the hand higher than the other one when you proceed to grasp your club at the beginning of your shot.

There are a number of golf gloves specially tailored for varying weather conditions, and the best ones often have warranties that protects you and your gloves from damage brought by wear and tear. www.rockbottomgolf.com offers a number of high-quality golf clubs so you can be confident in your every swing.


Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory for golfers. This is usually because most golf tournaments, or even games for that matter, are held during sunny days, and because golf games usually last for hours, it is unavoidable that a game may take up to high noon and later, at which point in time the sun will get into your eyes, forcing you to squint to shield yourself from the glare, significantly impairing your vision and would lead to a bogeys and altogether a bad game.
Golf SunglassesFortunately, there are specialized sunglasses for golfers to wear that counteract the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Some cutting-edge glasses allow players to even out the brightness of the environment, giving a crisp and clean vision of the environment, regardless of how bright it may be.

The bright sun would also cause players to lose their ball while tracking them during their follow-throughs. Furthermore, there are a number of golf sunglasses that highlight and mute specific colors so you can make out the little details that you need to take into account before you take that winning shot – like grass, sand, water, or other terrain that might affect how your ball lands.


With the evolution of golf, more and more golf accessories have sprout out of the market, including specialized equipment for the game that many players invest in for their best games. The serious golf player should never compromise and spare any expense when it comes to purchasing golf items that ensure performance at play. It’s also vital to take care of your well-being by ensuring that the highest quality materials are used to protect you.

www.rockbottomgolf.com offers the best quality sportswear and accessories that beginners to professionals would surely benefit from – sourcing from top-notch golf equipment and accessories manufacturers with more than decades of experience attending to the demands and challenges by modern day golf players and game requirements. Offering a number of golf accessories to choose from, Rock Bottom Golf ensures golf players confidence and peace of mind when picking from a multitude of golf equipment and other important accessories to deliver quality from the box to the fairway.

12, August 2016




Loan modification is a process of negotiating the terms and conditions of a particular loan agreement. It allows the lender to change some aspects of the loan (such as interest rates and the term of payment) to make it easier for the borrower to repay his loan. This is considered a beneficial step not only for the latter but also to the former. However, while any person can avail of a loan, not all can qualify for the modification.

Since the modification of a loan agreement involves an evaluation of the borrower, certain criteria must be met before a lender considers it. Before a borrower qualifies for Long Island loan modification, he must meet all of the following:

1. The borrower must have experienced either a loss of income or an increase in expenses.

Before someone qualifies for Long Island loan modification he must prove that he has experienced either a loss of income or an increase in expenses, or both. This is essential because it will show that he really does not have the money to pay for the loan. The documents that can be used to verify this condition are pay slips showing that his income really declined. He can also present documents such as his bills, showing that his family’s living expenses really increased.

2. The borrower receives a continuous flow of income.

Also, it is essential that the borrower must be receiving a continuous flow of income in the form of salaries and benefits, before he can qualify for Long Island loan modification. This is important because the lender has to ensure that the borrower can still manage to pay the loan after such modification. Otherwise, he will be at a disadvantage.

3. The borrower’s surplus income must be at least $300, and it must be at least 15% of his monthly income.

Surplus income is the amount of income left after paying mandatory obligations such as taxes. As such, before someone can qualify for Long Island loan modification with respect to surplus income, two conditions must be fulfilled. First, his surplus income must be at least $300, and it must be at least 15% of his monthly income. This is important to ensure that while paying the loan, the borrower has still enough money for his personal expenses.

4. 85% of the borrower’s surplus income must be insufficient to settle unpaid installments within a period of six months.

This means that 85% of the 15% surplus income previously mentioned must not be enough to pay the loan within six months from the time it becomes due. Otherwise, it will suggest that the borrower can still pay the loan even if his surplus income is at least 15% of his monthly income.

5. The borrower has not yet received a modification for the past two years.

Lastly, it is essential that the borrower has not received a prior modification for a different loan within the past two years. This is important to avoid conflicting claims of lenders because a modification restricts the capacity of the borrower to pay other loans. If he is allowed to take another one while his other loan still exists, his present lender will be at a disadvantage.


The criteria mentioned above are strict requirements that must be followed to avoid putting both the borrower and the lender in a disadvantage. Observing these criteria prevents any borrower who wishes to lessen his burden in paying his loan to resort to Long Island loan modification, even if he really has the money to pay it. Observing these criteria also enables the lender to collect payment from either an insolvent or a bankrupt borrower.