8, September 2016

A Primer on Golf Accessories

With the birth of the sport most people associate with patience, strategy, perseverance, and creativity, a number of golf accessories have been the lookout of major golf players from around the world to enhance their game play performance on the fairway and to keep that sensation when their feet aren’t on the blue grass, or on the “green”. Rain or shine, golfing accessories help golfers achieve maximum performance to get that hole-in-one.

Of course, golf accessories should be treated as peripherals, but they are tools best treated as an investment by any self-respecting golf player. The best players get the best accessories when they want to feel and play at their prime.

Reliable golfing accessories are indispensable since they aid the player around different terrain challenges and weather inconsistencies – like better golf shoes have durable spikes to stabilize your feet when shifting your weight for that optimum swing, better gloves that help you grip your irons and woods so it doesn’t come off flying in the air when you follow-through, better sun visors to give your eyes shade, anti-glare sunglasses to help you see better while protecting your eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays, and other accessories.

So aside from the traditional ball and club equipment, what are the other golf accessories available for the aspiring Tiger Woods, or for the promising junior golfer, to purchase to get that first-swing feel at his best? Here are two of the most recommended equipment for beginner golfers:


Golf Gloves

Whether you’re gripping your trusty irons or your woods, you can never go wrong with quality golf gloves. Golfing gloves are specially tailored to properly grasp golf grips so it does not slip off the player’s hands while swinging or doing a follow-through. They have special paddings locates at the palms, the fingertips, and is built from special material so your hands are cool and properly aerated while doing much of the hard work- especially under hot weather conditions.

Golf gloves work by increasing the friction in your grip so it does not slip, and when your hand sweats a lot, it helps your hand secure your hold on the golf grip. Unlike most gloves, golf gloves do not come in pairs, you buy a glove and put it on your lead hand, that is, the hand higher than the other one when you proceed to grasp your club at the beginning of your shot.

There are a number of golf gloves specially tailored for varying weather conditions, and the best ones often have warranties that protects you and your gloves from damage brought by wear and tear. www.rockbottomgolf.com offers a number of high-quality golf clubs so you can be confident in your every swing.


Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory for golfers. This is usually because most golf tournaments, or even games for that matter, are held during sunny days, and because golf games usually last for hours, it is unavoidable that a game may take up to high noon and later, at which point in time the sun will get into your eyes, forcing you to squint to shield yourself from the glare, significantly impairing your vision and would lead to a bogeys and altogether a bad game.
Golf SunglassesFortunately, there are specialized sunglasses for golfers to wear that counteract the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Some cutting-edge glasses allow players to even out the brightness of the environment, giving a crisp and clean vision of the environment, regardless of how bright it may be.

The bright sun would also cause players to lose their ball while tracking them during their follow-throughs. Furthermore, there are a number of golf sunglasses that highlight and mute specific colors so you can make out the little details that you need to take into account before you take that winning shot – like grass, sand, water, or other terrain that might affect how your ball lands.


With the evolution of golf, more and more golf accessories have sprout out of the market, including specialized equipment for the game that many players invest in for their best games. The serious golf player should never compromise and spare any expense when it comes to purchasing golf items that ensure performance at play. It’s also vital to take care of your well-being by ensuring that the highest quality materials are used to protect you.

www.rockbottomgolf.com offers the best quality sportswear and accessories that beginners to professionals would surely benefit from – sourcing from top-notch golf equipment and accessories manufacturers with more than decades of experience attending to the demands and challenges by modern day golf players and game requirements. Offering a number of golf accessories to choose from, Rock Bottom Golf ensures golf players confidence and peace of mind when picking from a multitude of golf equipment and other important accessories to deliver quality from the box to the fairway.