13, November 2016

Why Clothing Patches Are Essential In Counterculture?

Before, embroidered patches are not really fashionable. But as the years go by, it became a popular activity for hobbyists and commercial patch workers. People discovered ways to make it more appealing when applied on garments. Whether for practical or decorative use, you can benefit from these items especially when mending torn clothes at home. And with the use of internet today, you can order patch designs online and get them in a timely fashion.

In 1960, a counterculture of adolescents was crowding the streets in order to show their opposition against the Vietnam War. They were declaiming a beat poetry while organizing an intellectual rebellion to tackle and pull up century-old systems of the traditional America. But during mid-1960, another counterculture was formed with peace signs, headbands, flowers, and patches. Hippies were opposing the protests. They were basically embracing empathy, love, and nature while ditching traditional beliefs of western middle-class so that their idealist communities will be formed.

Influence of Patch to Fashion in the Early Days

The hippies were concentrated less on mainstream, but more focused on the current. The movement influenced global trends and unintentionally impacted on fashion statements. People ditched politely-tasteful attire and tailored suits. Instead, they defined their posture with flowy long dresses, natural hair, and shabby jeans. The 70s attire led to a renaissance on runways although the appearance tend to embrace shabby look than chic style.


Hence, the hippies pulled on military surplus garments and secondhand frocks. People also began to repair and embellish their looks through clothing patches. Embroidered or printed, satirical or cheeky, radical patch designs looked really cool while showing off icons or logos of the youthful movement. Though patch items have new looks, they still fulfilled similar roles in the counterculture fashion. Ultimately, it became a representation of identity, solidarity, and even personality.

Current Trends in Using Patch Design on Garments

And so today, patches are usually attached to uniforms and other garments to show identities. You can put it on your leather jacket, denim vest, jeans, or even caps for more appealing look. In fact, you will see patched clothes even during fashion shows. Many designers today are embracing the popularity of patch on garments to achieve specific styles. And if you’re one of those stylish icons, you can take advantage of patch items offered in the market today.

Bags, pants, tropical jackets, and vintage inspired garments benefit from the fashionable features of patchwork. If you currently in need of embellishments for your stitching needs, this is the perfect solution. It helps to strengthen fabric while prolonging the lifecycle of clothes. With the various styles of patching up clothes, you can get the exact design you want after the job is done.



Why Apply Matching Patch Style on Your Favorite Outfits

Sometimes, patching knitted garments can be hard if you don’t know how to do it. But with the basics of stitching and sewing, rest assured that it is easier than you think. You can take advantage of embroidery floss in order to produce quick stitches around the patched areas. Always be careful when putting the patch on the clothes before permanently stitching them. Remember, once you’ve attached the patch onto the fabric, it’s difficult to remove again. Make sure to follow the guidelines to avoid mislaid patch.

So if it’s heartbreaking for you to get rid of your favorite jeans that are now torn, you can simply mend them using patch designs that match the fabric. There are lots of online patch manufacturers that you can rely on when performing patchwork at home. All you need to do is shop around and find the best site that can give you quality patch items. But don’t forget to consider the tips and insights provided above. So what are you waiting for? Gather your damaged clothes and pick the right patch for them. It will surely be an enjoyable activity for you especially if it’s your hobby.

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