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Interesting Facts about Hair Loss

Hair loss is one physical problem that is often feared by people regardless of sex. Whether it’s a male or female, everyone is susceptible to baldness, especially those who have it in their blood. Having it “in their blood” means that this is a disorder that is present among their forefathers or simply hereditary.

It is because of the concern in baldness that this short article will discuss some interesting facts about hair loss. As you go on reading, you will find out theories that have been derived from facts in relation to hair loss.

Hair Loss can be Inherited

There is a medical term that goes: androgenetic alopecia. If digested, we get three words and these will be andro, genetic, and alopecia. These words in order would mean male, genes, and hair loss. In other words, it is inherited hair loss with a little twist because it does not only affect the male population. It also affects the females but the males are more prone to it, hence the term androgenetic. So if your father or mother, or even your grandparents for that matter, have history of baldness, then this must already serve a signal for you to be cautious about your hair.

Areas for Starting Signs

Basically, there are two areas of the head where the first signs of hair loss appear. These areas are the top of the head and the front. For the male sex, both areas can be the starting point of the problem. For the female counterparts, only the top of the head is susceptible and the front liner hairs are retained. Another difference between the male and the female signs of hair loss is the fact that the male really loses their hair while the female only have thinner growing hairs.

Keeping Good Blood Flow in the Scalp

A lot of theories suggest that keeping good blood flow in the scalp can help fight hair loss, but how do you keep blood flow in that area? The answer would be by the power of massage. Daily massage to the scalp can help blood circulation in the head area and will enhance the growth and health of hair follicles.

Going Gentle with the Hair

One error in hair care is being too harsh to it. One must always bear in mind that the hair strands, especially those which are young, can be fragile. This means that brushing of the hair must be done in a gentle manner. For other matters as well, everything must be done in a gentle way like putting on ponytails, hair bands, and pussycats.

Nutritional Fact

Of course, nutrition will always play a big role in the health of the hair and scalp. It has been observed that before the introduction of fatty western food to the Japanese after the war, this race do not have any problem with hair loss. Other nutritional substances like zinc and protein, with regards to the lack of intake of such, can also lead to hair loss.

These few facts about hair loss is essential in knowing how to combat and even prevent such dilemma. It is important that they are always remembered.

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