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Acne Off – Saving the Pretty Face

People, by nature, value beauty at one end regardless of status, race, age or sex. The value of having a scar-free face is something that most, if not all, people takes too seriously. The hunt for the best acne remover, then, becomes among the primary aims of many companies and health-related professionals. The bottom line of an acne-free face, though, is not solely centered on treatment but on prevention.

Preventing Disfigures

Home self-care measures to prevent acne outbursts is always essential whether you are preventing acne from ever beginning or preventing recurrence of the disease. Here are some prevention tips you might want to ponder on:

  • Wash areas which are prone to acne twice a day. These areas are often concentrated on the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose and cheeks), hairline, neck, chest and shoulders. Washing keeps your skin free from too much oil, dirt and dead skin cells. It is also important to use gentle soaps or cleansers which are fit for your skin type. Some facial scrubs and astringents which are sold in the market might irritate your skin rather than help remove acne. It is wise to read the labels of what you are buying first.
  • Get rid of excess oil with acne creams containing salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide which are available even without prescription.
  • If possible do not apply too much make-up and avoid going to bed with a made-up face. Cosmetics can clog the facial pores and leaving them overnight provides a good venue for bacterial growth. Also remember to clean your brushes and sponges every now and then to remove unwanted dirt.
  • Avoid greasy sunscreens and products as they can worsen acne. Look for products which bear the label non comedogenic. These are water-based products which are less likely to irritate the skin. If in any case you have variable degrees of allergies and the like, consulting your physician is the best method that you can employ.
  • Try to trim down the habit of wearing tight-fitting clothing. This type of clothing is more likely to irritate your skin with friction and trapped heat and moisture, thus, predisposing you to acne.
  • Keep clean. Shower after workouts and work. Dirt and oil becomes concentrated on your skin most especially if they’re left as is.
  • Keep vigilant of what lands on your face – hands, handkerchiefs, hair, cell phone, tissue papers, etc. Keep all the things that have tendencies to touch your face clean. Do not rest your face on objects such as leaning glass and back of seats; you don’t know what goes on them.
  • Never prick, squeeze or pinch pimples and blemishes. These strategies which are so often used can cause infection and/or scarring. If you think standard treatments aren’t working on your acne problems, it is best to see a dermatologist.

Acne is both treatable and preventable. All it takes is the right choice of strategies and treatments.

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