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Cellulite Treatment Over the Years

Although there still isn’t a more efficient way to treat cellulite, the research on this particular condition is ongoing. The fact of the matter is that while it has certainly improved in its treatment, researchers aren’t getting up for a purely cosmetic illness. It does not have a serious risk on your skin or your circulatory system; it just stays there giving your skin not bothering anyone.

Its History, and It’s Silly

The nineties were certainly something for everyone. For cellulite, there was literally a plethora of all sorts of cures that somebody was sold to and the cures sprang and went places from there. When liposuction was new and expensive, they recommended that. For people who couldn’t afford it, they sold people thigh creams that claimed to make your thighs more manageable under an affordable budget.

Now to be fair, there had been studies back then to at least make their “cures” seem plausible in comparison to their competitors. Granted that most of these studies produced inconclusive and often peppered results, it still shed a light on just what particular types of “cures” work amongst others. There were two specific studies that were conducted under the Annals of Pharmacotherapy in terms of thigh cream use.

These studies utterly randomized, had placebo controllers in place, double-blind and were done in order to determine the effectiveness of aminophylline (a thigh cream). The study utilized six women who wanted to lose weight; they were subjected to a strict diet and to an exercise routine for four weeks. Now these women applied aminophylline on one thigh and a placebo on the other. The study showed that there was significant change to the leg that was applied to. Before you go all crazy – the study showed how flimsy it was to say the very least.

Although these studies made it a point to show that it had worked out how to create, the results were rather vague on how it measured the rate of success. For one thing, it never really specified what portion of the thigh was measured and never specified if the participants were clothed or not.

An Efficient Treatment

By now cellulite treatment has two kinds: long-term and short-term cures. Long term treatment these days are essentially non-existent in terms of a topical cream or a non-invasive procedure.

Short term treatments are, ironically, the closet thing you have to a cure that doesn’t involve you going under the knife in order to get results. These short term treatments have a limited impact in terms of longevity, but it does help in soothing the appearance of your cellulite, even if it only does so after a set of hours.

Long-term treatments nowadays are seemingly inaccessible by people due to the fact that it is still risky and expensive. By risky, we do not mean that their machines are clunky and insufficient, it means it just means that the results that you may end up with aren’t what you might expect from the treatment. It’s not even a rare occurrence as a growing number of post-op results tend to be negatively viewed.

An efficient treatment is not to essentially eliminate cellulite as a condition, but to manage it properly when we absolutely have to rather than to eradicate it completely with questionable treatment.

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