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The Ingredient of Your Pasta Fights Acne

There is a very long list of best acne treatment promising you of acne-fighting properties. Haven’t you wondered why there are many formulas being sold in grocery stores and even pharmacies offering the same benefits? Today, though there are many discoveries about anti-acne remedies, no product can be proven effective to all.

Often these products are expensive. Imagine yourself buying a small container of anti-acne cream which can only last for less than a month. These products indeed cost a fortune. With this comes the idea of going all-natural and turn to the more affordable or practical remedies. They are less likely to cause an allergy which means they are safer to use. Did you ever think that a fruit found in your kitchen can be used to treat acne?

The Tomato Fruit

This natural remedy is said to treat your problem with pimples and even with the severe cases of the said skin problem. What are in this recipe found in spaghetti that can bring back the smoother and healthier look to your skin? Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants. These substances fight off free radicals which is a molecule that causes damage to the skin. Eating tomatoes may give you doses of antioxidants that do not only fight acne but also skin aging.

Topical Application

It may sound funny or gross imagining yourself applying the juice of the fruit directly to your skin. You may be thinking that this fruit should go straight to a pan of pasta and not on your skin. However, this is proven to be a great remedy when applied topically to the skin. Its antioxidant qualities are effective even at the cellular level. Amazing!

Aside from the antioxidants, tomato juice is also acidic. This may cause acne patches to dry up and it also tightens your pores preventing oil from leaking. An oily face can lead to pimple-growth. Now, you may be convinced that tomatoes are not only for your favorite dishes but must be lined up with the beauty products you use.

More and More Nutrients

Tomato fruit is also rich in vitamins. This is an abundant source of vitamins A, C and K. Aside from the said nutrients tomatoes also contain some B and E vitamins as well. You may have heard about retinols which are Vitamin A derivatives. This substance is known for its anti-aging and acne-fighting properties.

Vitamin C maintains a healthy skin. It promotes collagen production which is the framework to your skin. Elastin also relies on the body’s stores of Vitamin C. This protein compound is responsible in maintaining your skin’s elasticity. Vitamin C also enhances your defenses against bacteria that may cause acne.

No other anti-acne creams have the same combination of nutrients that can give you not only a healthier skin but also an acne-free face. The best beauty product does not have to come in a container and sold in high prices.

More Reasons to go for the Natural Acne Treatment

Some anti-acne creams and treatments use different substances that may be harsh on your sensitive skin. This may cause irritation and more breakouts of acne or pimples. Aside from the money-saving side of using tomatoes and other natural products for skin problems, you can also avoid various side effects. Using other beauty products in the market may leave you with problems of photosensitivity and complications such as dermatitis. Think about going all-natural with ripe tomatoes!

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