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The General Idea of Hair in Men and Women

When it comes to hair loss, the natural reaction would be to worry and get scared. Everyone is afraid of hair loss. This is true most especially for girls who are in their prime age. A girl can imagine a life with this problem and for sure, she could not sleep so well at night. Although hair loss may create a great sense of fear to women, it would not however disqualify men from the problem. Men and women have the equal chance of hair loss although the means may be different.

Hair Loss for Men

Hair loss among men is usually caused by hereditary factors. This means that those whose parents or grandparents have problems with hair loss would most likely face the same problem sooner or later. In a more scientific term, this is called androgenetic alopecia which can be translated into English as inherited hair loss.

It must be understood that the inheritance does not only mean from man to man or from father to son. It can be inherited from both parents, including the mother. So, if you are a son and the line of your mother has this problem, then there is also a big chance for you to inherit it. This factor as a knowledge must give anyone the edge to prepare if ever he knows that there is such a problem in his lineage.

With man, hair loss would start in two common places. One place would be on the forehead going backwards and the other place would be located on the top of the head and spreading all over until what hair is left is in the ear canals, the nostrils and some on the back of the neck.

Hair Loss for Women

Generally, human beings are accustomed to seeing baldness in men, but in woman? No way! This is a big no for girls, women, or ladies. The problem is, truth can bite all the way to the bones. It cuts so deep these girls cannot have a decent sleep at night. They are always on the run in looking for remedies for hair loss with shampoos, conditioner and other hair supplement product.

Androgenetic alopecia is also applicable to women because as you know from what is earlier mentioned, it is not only within one sex. It can be passed from mother to son or father to daughter. This, just like with men, can already give an edge to women to prepare for hair loss while it is early.

If hair loss in men happens from front to back and on top spreading all over, with women it will only be on top of the head. What is more is the fact that hair loss starts by hair thinning thereby making it weak and easy to break. This then will be the major cause of baldness.

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair loss is a difficult problem to face. It is a good thing however that through science, many treatments have been made which can help people with this problem. However, one must always remember that it is better to be prepared and prevent hair loss than treat it.

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