4, February 2017

What We Love With Challengecoins4less Coin Giveaways

We have seen every possible giveaway. From that corporate event, up to that recent family reunion, down to our best friend’s wedding.

Mostly, since souvenir is the least concern of some event organizers, not much of thought was given to it. This is the reason why some opt to give away easily available stuff like wine, mugs, key chains, or worst picture frames.


However in one event, we chance upon a custom-made coin which is made by ChallengeCoins4Less. These coins are just so stylish that we just can’t get enough of it.

We believe that this custom-made coins could start a new trend may it be in corporate events, down to family reunions.

So here are some of the things we love with ChallengeCoins4Less’ custom-made coins which you can try on your next event, and fall in love with it just like we did.

It’s Handy

We love just how handy ChallengeCoins4Less’ custom coins. Especially since that day we’ve seen it, there are several meetings we had to attend and this coin is so handy we just drop it in our bags and go on with the day.

This is advisable especially for those events attended by executives who rarely bring bags on their daily meetings. Giving them this coin is just so handy for them. They can simply place it in their pockets with the organizers not having to worry that they’ll leave it behind.

It’s a Unique Idea

Like we’ve said, many have grown tired of that traditional giveaway which was not given much thought. Those often end up being left behind or worst thrown away.


So upon seeing these coins make us think that it is just a perfect and unique idea for souvenirs from your events. Since it’s customized, you can give it a personal touch which your guests will always remember upon seeing the coin. Who knows, your company may be starting a trend because of these unique souvenir.

It’s Timeless

It’s a coin, and a coin can live for decades and decades. These coins could just be perfect as a collection of every milestone of your company from the years of its operation. You can place every new logo of your company on this coin, which you can later frame or even exhibit in the coming years.

So if you want to leave a lasting impression of your company or event that will transcend from generations to generations, then these coins are perfect souvenirs.


We believe these coins are just perfect for those milestones that you want to remember forever. It may be the change of logo that you company has undergone twenty years after you have started, or meeting your batch mates after thirty years of graduating from college. This can even be a coin that you want to pass on to the next generation of your family, which could serve as a family heirloom.

We simply think this kind of souvenir is perfect to leave a mark of an event or a milestone which could last a lifetime.

So are you ready to give ChallengeCoin4Less a chance? Here are some details that made us love it more.

The design creation for you coin is free of charge. So if you’re still undecided with the design of your coin or have an idea but need some help in enhancing it, they have creative people to help you out.

ChallengeCoinsThey also don’t limit your imagination to that typical circular coin. If you want it bigger, smaller, or in a different style, it’s possible. Just let them know what changes you want to make and they’ll let you know how to make it possible.

The metals to be used in your coin could also be personalized. They have five metals to choose from: silver, black, nickel, copper and gold.So what’s not to love with these custom-made coins? It’s handy, unique, timeless and commemorative, just like that milestone you have achieved.


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